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SIGF is a platform for young adults to present their views on core internet policy and technology, as well as on the various intersections of it with other policy fields, like finance, health, and education. It acts a bridge between the stakeholders in the field of internet, technology, and digital policy and the youth.

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The Student's Internet Governance Forum (SIGF) is planning to hold a Conference on the 15th of October, 2022 in a multistakeholderism manner, wherein high school students will present their views and research, and debate on pressing issues in the field of internet and digital policy. The debates will permit the students to develop a deeper understanding of the aforementioned issues through a highly engaging and interactive format. The event is held in affiliation with India IGF

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Form a Special Interest Group to represent your school at SIGF events. Examine the issue in the space of internet and technology most pertinent to you and defend your views in front of policymakers and experts.

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